Sunday, June 21, 2009

Miss Illinois America

Back to my stomping grounds when I was a Miss Illinois America contestant...well, actually, Hemmens was the physical place when I competed, which made Mrs. Illinois all the more special to me, but I digress. It's always nice to go back and visit familiar faces and meet some new ones.

As it turned out, I ran into a lady I grew up knowing in church who was in Sunday School with my mom and mom-in-law. Her granddaughter was Miss Hoopeston! When I was younger, she would go with me to The National Sweetheart Pageant (her daughter was a former). Good memories!

I was introduced to the Dupage Director, Christopher, who was a pleasure to meet and I want to wish him well for Monday at American Idol Try-outs at the United Center! He could be your next American Idol! His titleholder made top 10, so congrats on that as well! So nice to have met!

It was so nice to see Jason Pawlowski again. He gave me a beautiful photo book to keep pictures in! Thank you, Jason! He will be working with the Mrs. Illinois America Family as our photographer, but knowing how much he's done for former Miss Illinois America's, I'm sure he'll be the Jack-of-All Trades for us as well. I am proud (and thankful) to call him Friend (and yes, Jason, I did the "pageant pose" for you)!

And, last but not least I had the honor of meeting Mr. Sam Haskell ( , ), former executive vice president and worldwide head of television for the William Morris Agency (WMA), Inc. and Chairman of the Miss America Organization. He is an impressive man, to say the least, humble to the core, and a huge example to me. Thank you for your time, Mr. Haskell!

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